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Remove complexities, deliver software at high velocity

Building a DevOps pipeline can be complex. Venue DevOps takes the stress away by offering a simple and secure way to automate your software build, integration, and deployment processes. This enables you to focus on what matters most: delivering value to your customers at speed, rather than managing your application’s development and operating environment.

Teams can move fast without worrying about operating complex cloud infrastructure. They live in Git, leveraging the power of Venue templates and proven automation.

How it works

A venue for your DevOps Team concert

Venue is a DevOps platform hyper-focused on the Developer Experience. It allows teams to work collaboratively and cohesively in building and deploying code to any destination, and ensures everything you do is repeatable and scalable.

Like in a live music event, finding the right concert venue is pivotal to its success. The ideal venue sets the tone for the entire experience and can make or break an event. Venue DevOps sets the stage for development teams to perform their best symphony of application deployments in this demanding digital world.

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Focus on innovation and deliver value quicker

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Enhance team productivity

Automated, streamlined development and delivery processes that shift your focus to high-value, continuous innovation for your customers. Teams can focus on code and live in Git.

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Speed up time to ship code

We’ve removed the complexities of establishing and configuring the tooling and environment you need through automated connection of tools and self-service onboarding to your teams, giving your teams an easy and fast access to the latest DevOps platform features.

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Not just a tool in the cloud

With a unified infrastructure tooling, services and documentation backed by Backstage™ to create a streamlined development environment, it is easy to implement DevOps best practices in your development and delivery process.

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Deliver with confidence and peace of mind

Align your teams around a shared code base to identify problems early in the deployment process, and improve quality, resiliency, and security of your software.


Full transparency and real traceability

Teams with a real time feedback loop provide faster resolution to their customers. Full transparency and seamless collaboration enable DevOps teams to minimize downtime and resolve issues with precision, faster.

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A toolchain that works for you

No single vendor tooling can deliver everything your team needs to implement DevOps. Build, test and deploy with the best-in-class CI/CD and SCM tools of your choice. Choose the environment you want your pipeline hosted – cloud (AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform) or on-prem.

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Expert support

SLA-driven support for both pipeline and infrastructure issues.

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